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                Happy New Year!

Beginning in February, we will have a monthly 
Tenant Rewards Contest where you could win a coffee or restaurant gift card.  Just pay your rent to be automatically entered into the drawing!*

*In order to be eligible for the drawing, tenant must have paid that current months rent by the 1st - payees after the first will not be entered into the drawing.  There can be no outstanding balance.  One entry per tenancy. 

           Properties Go Quickly!

Recent statistics from the local multiple listing service confirms what many of us suspected....THE MARKET IS GETTING BETTER!

There are fewer homes for sale now than at any time after May 2006.  Specifically, there are only 2.5 months of inventory in our current market.  That means if nothing else was put up for sale, it would only take until September to sell all the houses in the Portland Metro area. 
With this type of housing "shortage", there is more demand on the rental market as buyers and sellers seek short term housing to assist in their transitions. 

The local rental market is serving several types of renters currently.
1) buyers and sellers in transition
2) temporary (6-12 month) housing for local high tech expansion
3) long term renters

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We are a locally owned property management company offering full management services for commercial, residential and multi-family investments.  With unsurpassed service, innovative technology, and the highest regard for the law and that which is ethically and morally correct, we deliver - no compromise!

21st Century Property Management, Inc.
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